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Accounting, Business & Economics
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CountryUnited States
Specific Area of Studymarketing
Were You Happy with the Choice of Clubs and Societies Here?Yes
Would You Recommend This Institute?Yes
Did you always feel safe on campus?Yes
Were you happy with the food options available on Campus?No
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?Yes
Are there enough computer labs for all the students?Yes
Do you think you weekly living expenses were manageable for a student?No
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?Yes
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?Yes
" CSUF is known for its business program. I would recommend anyone who wants to major in business and economics to go here. It is all much more affordable than UC schools. I transferred from OCC to CSUF. I will be graduating in two years. The school has a lot to offer such as tutoring centers, multiple free tools to use such as all adobe creative cloud (Microsoft office, qualtrics, frontdoor, endnote, grammarly,linkedin learning, matlab, etc.) The campus also has concerts for students to attend at prices less than $40 per person. We are having Miguel perform in May, 2022. There are also lots of food places to try and since the school is located in downtown Fullerton, there is a lot of nightlife on the weekends such as bars, clubs, movie theaters, farmer markets etc. We also have a lot of international students. The campus is very diverse. "
27 Apr 2022
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