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Computing & IT
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Specific Area of StudySoftware engineering
Would You Recommend This Institute?Yes
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?Yes
Do you think you weekly living expenses were manageable for a student?Yes
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?No
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?Yes
" Since I didn't have to pay anything for it, I would say that Chalmers University of Technology is, for the most part, a very good institution. Campus Johanneberg is severely lacking charging ports in a lot of the lecture rooms we used, which can make it infeasible to take notes if your laptop's battery isn't very good; Campus Lindholmen is generally better (and more modern). On the other hand, Campus Lindholmen has a lack of private rooms for group work (although it has several open spaces which usually serve as an adequate replacement). Both campuses have bus stops very close to them, so traffic shouldn't be a problem for most people, especially if they live close to the central train station. I've learnt a lot during most of the courses at Chalmers University of Technology. There were a few very dull obligatory courses, but most of it was reasonably interesting and the course literature is usually good. They have a large selection of courses, and you are also allowed to take courses from other universities in case a particular study period is lacking, so there should always be enough courses if you are willing to look for them. The main negative point for this school is most courses' lack of adaptation to the modern Internet; for example, lectures have never been uploaded to the course pages in any course I took. However, if you live close to the relevant campus, I would highly recommend this school. "
8 Oct 2019
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