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Accounting, Business & Economics
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Specific Area of StudyManagement Science
Did You Find a Job in Your Area of Study Within 6 Months of Graduation?Yes
Were You Happy with the Choice of Clubs and Societies Here?No
Would You Recommend This Institute?Yes
Did you always feel safe on campus?Yes
Were you happy with the food options available on Campus?No
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?No
Are there enough computer labs for all the students?Yes
Do you think you weekly living expenses were manageable for a student?Yes
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?Yes
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?No
" The absolute best university in Pakistan, but severely pales in comparison to international universities, especially the ones in western/developed countries. I am currently studying in Cornell University in the US and there is no comparison between my undergraduate institution (LUMS) and my current post-graduate one (Cornell). They are worlds apart, in all of the metrics and measures listed here on this page. For example, the academic and research faculty at LUMS is good for a Pakistani university, however no where near universities like Cornell. It is therefore difficult to provide a review here - should I review LUMS in comparison to other Pakistani universities, or should I review it in comparison to international ones? I have decided to take the former approach, since very few non-Pakistanis come to study in Pakistan. Under that rule, LUMS scores very high and is definitely much further ahead from its competition in almost all categories. One thing that I did hate about my time there, however was that some courses were very stupid and had rote-learning based assessment tools. "
31 Jul 2020
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