Oxford Chemistr
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Natural Sciences
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Institute NameUniversity of Oxford
CountryUnited Kingdom
Specific Area of StudyOrganic Chemistry
Were You Happy with the Choice of Clubs and Societies Here?Yes
Would You Recommend This Institute?Yes
Did you always feel safe on campus?Yes
Were you happy with the food options available on Campus?Yes
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?Yes
Are there enough computer labs for all the students?Yes
Do you think you weekly living expenses were manageable for a student?Yes
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?Yes
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?Yes
" It's a great place to go, but I guess everyone already knows that. The pressure can be quite tough, and I know a few students who have struggled - however support can always be found if one is ready to ask for it. "
1 Aug 2020
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