Frans Rijnders
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Specific Area of StudyIndustrial Design
Were You Happy with the Choice of Clubs and Societies Here?Yes
Would You Recommend This Institute?Yes
Did you always feel safe on campus?Yes
Were you happy with the food options available on Campus?No
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?Yes
Are there enough computer labs for all the students?Yes
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?No
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?Yes
" The campus has all the necessary labs and space for students to study, so in that regard it is a nice place to be. Where it lacks however is the amount of help the teaching staff is able to provide as they are in my opinion understaffed. This makes the study extremely individual as you basically have to figure most skills out by yourself. In the evening the campus lacks social places to hang out and buy food. Apart from one truck that sells döner there is no warm food available. "
24 Sep 2020
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