Mark Twain
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Engineering & Technology
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CountryUnited States
Specific Area of StudyMechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace Engineering
Were You Happy with the Choice of Clubs and Societies Here?Yes
Would You Recommend This Institute?No
Did you always feel safe on campus?Yes
Were you happy with the food options available on Campus?Yes
Were you happy with the quality of the WiFi available on campus?Yes
Are there enough computer labs for all the students?Yes
Do you think you weekly living expenses were manageable for a student?Yes
Did the majority of your classes record your attendance?No
Were you satisfied with the student support services available on campus?No
" This is a very nice and pleasant institute on the surface but internally they have got a lot of issues. For instance, their lack of student support and recognition has been very taxing on me personally. I know my instance does not justify every instance but hear me out. They threw me into a mental institution for a week because I was stressed? Because of some false allegations. The only reason I complied to admit myself was to prove them wrong. The entire situation was filled with me being lied to and being mistreated. I missed a complete week of school and returned only to have no help or flexibility from anyone. The whole thing was a joke. They had no sort of sound protocol or tools of implementation. You would have to imagine that during a pandemic like we are in they would be understanding and capable of being more sound in their decisions. Not here at Rose. They disregard the student in every instance and often leave them to fend for themselves in every sense of it. Not supportive at all. This institute has some serious internal issues to get sorted out. They think because they get these number 1 rankings that all of their decisions are the right ones as though they are above principle. "
17 Oct 2020
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