10 Best Colleges in the United States 2021

The Campus Advisor team has once again analyzed thousands of reviews by students of the colleges they attend. Using the ratings collected across a range of categories including Academic Staff, Area of Study, Campus Facilities, Administrative Staff, Sports Facilities and Social Scene, we are pleased to announce the 10 best colleges in the United States for 2021!

A huge congratulations to all the the colleges in this list for providing your students with exceptional educational experiences!


10. University of Florida


Overall score: 4.49 out of 5

Why these reviewers think the University of Florida is great:

"Great classes and education if you choose the right professors! The campus is good and the student body was very welcoming to me! lots of clubs to join so you are sure to find one. The city of Gainesville does revolve around the University to a certain extent, so my advice is to find your groups at UF."

"I truly loved my time at UF. For anyone considering attending, be sure you know that it is NOT a commuter campus and you cannot drive to class. Keep in mind buses and routes when looking for a place to live, the bus stops available to you can either make or break your entire experience."


9. Cornell University


Overall score: 4.51 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Cornell University is great:

"The university and campus are amazing. I had a great experience studying there as an international student. The professors are great and are willing to help/teach you as much as needed. The school makes sure we have plenty of things to do so we do not feel alone and can socialize, thus they have a weekly meeting with food and drinks."

"Cornell University is a good school for students who like to explore multiple academic fields and are good at directing themselves. Clubs are diverse and bountiful, and practically all classes are open to all members of the student body. The environment can be very stressful, but it can be worth it so long as you take advantage of all the university has to offer."


8. Brown University


Overall score: 4.51 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Brown University is great:

"Great university, the open curriculum allows you to really explore your passions and not waste time taking courses you're not interested in. At pretty much every other top tier university you have to waste time in classes you have no interest in; here you don't. Every time you're in a class, you're there because you want to be there and are only surrounded by students who also want to be there. It's an incredible learning environment."

"I love Brown and I am so glad I didn't go anywhere else. There's a social scene for everyone (I hate parties but enjoy social drinking, am shy, and play a lot of board games and RPGs--and I'm as happy with the state of my social life as my acquaintances who party 3 days a week are). My professors have been fantastic, campus has a ton of good places to hang out and study, classes are interesting, and the option to take any class pass/fail lets you branch out"


7. Yale University


Overall score: 4.53 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Yale University is great:

"Great students and professors. It was an amazing growth experience. The best part is the people from all over the world that I had the honor to build relationships with. Academically rigorous but not overwhelming. You have help available as you need it (professors, TAs, tutors)."

"I was very happy with my experience as a graduate student in CS at Yale. I loved that it was a small and very focused program (unlike some other schools that have thousands of students in a program). The professors were top notch and the program is very good if you are into theoretical computer science, AI, language theory or computer vision. The caliber of my class mates was impressive and I learnt as much from my peers as from the course instructors."


6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Overall score: 4.54 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Massachusetts Institute of Technology is great:

"MIT is a great school academically and socially. The community is very supportive and diverse. There are so many academic and extracurricular opportunities that cannot be found in many other schools. Hands down the school to go to for anybody that wants to go into STEM."

"MIT has been great during covid about building community even while there are restrictions on meeting in large groups. They have many micro-events planned, and are still enforcing precautions which is a good compromise. They have many new, nice spaces to work in and are continually investing in new innovative spaces."


5. Duke University


Overall score: 4.72 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Duke University is great:

"Duke is awesome in general. The Statistical Science department is the top Statistics department in the nation (headquarter of Bayesian Statistics). Speaking as a graduate student, there are many research opportunities to explore!"

"Beautiful campus and architecture. Amazing, quality food (though pricey). Public transportation around the campus and also around the city is great and free for students. Professors are helpful and campus resources are abundant (peer tutors, writing center, mental health center, etc.). Social life societies are accessible if you want it; a good percentage of students are independent and their social life does not suffer from it. Greek life exists but is not important or as prevalent compared to large public universities."


4. University of Michigan


Overall score: 4.58 out of 5

Why these reviewers think the University of Michigan is great:

"The University of Michigan is an amazing university for not only studying but for a safe, moderately cheap, and social scene as well. While tough to get into, once you're in, get ready for a wild ride. There is so much opportunity to grow, learn, and prosper with a wide range of options for clubs, design teams, and university-sponsored events. As an Engineer, I can say the road can definitely be rough with studies, after all, it is one of the highest-ranking universities in the world."

"This is a pretty good university to study at as a graduate student. The professors and staff are very knowledgeable and well known in their fields. The coursework is very engaging and relevant. The university has a good record of placing people in jobs after graduation. I feel like the staff care about me and welcome me as a student."


3. Harvard University


Overall score: 4.62 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Harvard University is great:

"Harvard is a great place to be and offers a myriad of opportunities. Through my undergraduate experience, I have traveled to many places at no expense to me and met so many interesting people. While the institution does have a very selective process, I definitely recommend taking a shot and applying because it is worth it. I really enjoy their housing process as well."

"I love attending this university, although the facilities tend to be lower quality than I'd hoped for. The academic rigor is difficult, but creates a campus culture of healthy ambition. Being within Cambridge is a major plus; students feel a sense of being at the center of the academic world, as well as in a center of major commerce, trade and innovation centers."


2. Princeton University


Overall score: 4.69 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Princeton University is great:

"So far, I've had a great experience here, both academically and socially. I've wanted to go to Princeton for a few years and actually attending has not been a dissapointment in the slightest. I would recommend it to someone who is a very motivated student, but if you get accepted you probably will be. Just remember that the hard work doesn't stop when you get to college."

"Princeton is one of the best places to experience higher level learning. You never feel like you are not being challenged and are pushed to become a better version of yourself everyday. The faculty and staff do an excellent job of creating an environment in which you are able to discover different perspectives on life and educational topics. "


1. Stanford University


Overall score: 4.72 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Stanford University is great:

"Stanford is...Stanford. The culture is what you would think of a highly selective top university. It can be easy to get overwhelmed here, with all the super smart people launching their own companies and joining Silicon Valley straight out of school. It's less blatantly elitist than the East Coast Ivy's, especially given its generous financial aid package. This means that you'll have the opportunity to interact with a huge amount of diverse people (socioeconomic, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ), which appeals to many."

"Stanford provides a unique experience. Every student was focused on performing at the top level. In addition, facilities and staff were world-class in every respect. This combination led to an invaluable learning and research environment. In addition, the sports and community are also great."