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Northeastern UniversityI am in my third year at Northeastern and am overall happy with my decision to attend this institution. Northeastern provides its students with a plethora of opportunities to study abroad and gain professional work experience relevant to their field of study/industry of interest. This university is so well connected domestically and internationally with a variety of businesses, organizations, and government entities that there is truly is something for everyone when it comes to networking and furthering one's career success. One main thing I will caution is that it can be tough to maintain long-term friendships due to the university's co-op system. Unless you meet a friend/group of friends within your first few months at school and have the same schedules with respect to which part of the year you take classes and are on co-op, it can be quite difficult to make real connections with other students at the university. My recommendation to those that face this issue is to join student clubs/organizations that interest you. If you make a consistent effort to show up to the meetings of one or two organizations that interest you, you are likely to meet a group of students that enjoy similar things as you who could also become part of your friend group as you all get to know each other over time. Also, take time to get to know the resources in the city that are provided by community organizations and other local initiatives. Whenever you feel isolated on-campus, these off-campus, non-Northeastern affiliated, neighborhood-based organizations will provide you an opportunity to build a support network outside of the university and feel more connected with the city in which you attend university. 16-11-19 02:21 PM
Rajon Mitchell