10 Best Universities in the United Kingdom 2021

Considering a range of factors including Academic Staff, Area of Study, Campus Facilities, Administrative Staff, Sports Facilities and Social Scene, The Campus Advisor Team are pleased to announce the 10 best universities in the UK for 2021. These results are determined by ratings and reviews submitted by students.


10. University of Bristol


Overall score: 4.29 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Bristol:

"It’s definitely a valuable experience for me. It has a great location, wonderful campus and amazing facilities. All professors are helpful and kind. If you are interested in, it is worthy to apply. Teaching is innovative, informed by researchers at the forefront of developments in their field."

"Bristol has a great social scene for people of a wide variety of interests. University societies and events were readily available. It can feel like you are living quite far apart from friends in second and third year as there are several different student areas to live in, many of which can be very expensive, but there is something for everyone and the city is well connected to other cities and countryside for excursions."


9. University of Manchester


Overall score: 4.35 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Manchester:

"This was a great place to be as a postgraduate student. High quality courses on offer, and specialities that I couldnt find other places. It also has a vibrant social community and lots of activities on offer. I found some of the administrative offices disorganised and difficult to communicate with, but with a few exceptions the academic staff were great and in general I had a really good time."

"Is a good University. It has many facilities for research in Biotech, Chemistry and Life Science. There are many Societies within the University. There are many international students. Unfortunately, the weather in Manchester is most of the time not good and it is very raining."


8. University of Glasgow


Overall score: 4.40 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Glasgow:

"I think the University of Glasgow is definitely a great university to attend! The social scene is fantastic and there's a lot of ways to make friends with others, whether it's through societies and clubs or through classes. The gym can be quite expensive, however some student accommodations offer a reduced price. In Psychology specifically, the lecturers really know what they're doing, and can provide a great breadth of information across many topics"

"Currently in my fourth year at UofG and I've loved my time here! The course is great, lecturers are great and I feel like it's the best quality I could have got. The university is also good for LGBT students with a great LGBT society and friendly vibe."


7. Newcastle University


Overall score: 4.43 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Newcastle University:

"My experience at university has been great, it’s a great city with friendly residents and my course has been fascinating and challenging with motivating staff. The campus has amazing historic buildings and is both artistically and academically successful. Would highly recommend"

"Newcastle has a fantastic campus right in the city centre so is very accessible. There is no designated student parking so can get very expensive using nearby car parks if driving. Lots of library choices and places to do work. There were a range of module choices to pick from and opportunity to work on research alongside professionals."


6. University of Sheffield


Overall score: 4.43 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Sheffield:

"If I could go back in time, I would choose the University of Sheffield again. My experience at this uni has been amazing. Despite the difficulties we are facing this year due to coronavirus, it still has been amazing. Although academically stressful, there is always support from everyone. The people in Sheffield are extremely friendly and the services are amazing."

"Very good university, thoroughly enjoyed all my time there. Halls were good, support was excellent, lots of clubs/sports/volunteer opportunities. Night life is great and very relaxed. The city itself is also great."


5. Kings College London


Overall score: 4.46 out of 5

What some reviewers said about King's College London:

"I haven't got much time to spend at the campus due to the pandemic situation, but at least from what I have experienced the atmosphere is pretty nice. Overall, I really like the university and its facilities, but there are so many buildings and with the new government guidelines and restriction it is very difficult to find an easy way to get to the right room. My favourite thing is that the university provides great opportunities after graduation. The tutors and great with the new interactive teaching methods."

"Overall a great experience! Commuted in with great transport links and had plenty to do out and around after classes. The teaching staff were very invested and involved. There is so much out and about to do and some fantastic walks and restaurants"


4. London School of Economics and Political Science


Overall score: 4.48 out of 5

What some reviewers said about London School of Economics and Political Science:

"Great reputation, great teaching, great research, great peers. I enjoyed my time at the London School of Economics and Political Science and it lived up to all expectations. My education here set me up for success in the future. World class research, teaching and facilities with extra research and the some of the greatest minds in the country."

"It was an amazing experience overall. The international students scene is unparalleled compared to other unis I have been to in the past. The expertise of the academic staff in the psychological and behavioural science department is excellent and is made of some of the most authoritative figures in the field. The administrative staff is also extremely efficient as they are able to solve any problem rather quickly."


3. Loughborough University


Overall score: 4.58 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Loughborough University:

"Going to this uni is probably one of the best decisions I could have made. As an international student the support I got really made me feel a part of the circle and combine that with the excellent professors it really is no surprise that the uni is doing so well"

"I have loved studying at Loughborough University. The facilities are second to none, especially the sports facilities. The teaching staff are amazing and just want you to succeed, they are so helpful, and nothing is ever too much bother. I loved living in halls, i always felt safe and made such amazing friends, who I can confidently and happily say will be my friends for life."


2. University of Cambridge


Overall score: 4.71 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Cambridge:

"More so than the teaching staff, it is your fellow students that make the university the place it is. Life is generally very nice. Lots of support from the university means it is cheaper than you would think. Also accommodation is guaranteed by your college for every year of your degree. The University is also extremely sporty, everyone is very active, at least until later years when the course load means they have to concentrate on their studies."

"Fantastic experience at a unique world class institution. The workload is intense but you learn to manage it effectively with time, and there is a fantastic support network of both well-trained staff and kind and caring students to support you through the tough times. The wealth of opportunity available is second to none."


1. University of Oxford


Overall score: 4.75 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Oxford:

"So, obviously a good uni, and a great educational experience (if intense). The funding for living costs, as a first-gen working class student etc, was great. There are also a lot of other opportunities here if you look for them in terms of career progression and extracurricular activities. It's very international and lots of opportunities to meet great people."

"A variety of courses to study, extra curricular activities including sports and social clubs. Several libraries, with good collection of resources. There are also several colleges to choose from. Some colleges have different demographics in terms of under grad and grad students. Additionally, different colleges have different support for part time vs full time students. It's important for one to pick the right college to get most of the Oxford experience."