15 Best Countries in Europe for Higher Education 2024

[20-02-2024] - The Campus Advisor is delighted to present the rankings of the "15 Best Countries in Europe for Higher Education 2024". Based on an extensive analysis of ratings, reviews, and surveys gathered on thecampusadvisor.com, this authoritative list considers key factors such as quality of education, cost of living as a student, career prospects, student diversity, social life, art & culture, and the invaluable opinions of current students.

In compiling these rankings, our team at The Campus Advisor meticulously evaluated each country's higher education landscape, with the goal of empowering students with the information they need to make informed decisions about their educational journey, ensuring they find the perfect country for their academic pursuits and personal growth

Join us as we unveil the 15 Best Countries in Europe for Higher Education 2024.

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15. Spain


Overall score: 3.74 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Spain:
Quality of Education: 3.99 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.42 Graduate Career Prospects: 3.75
Student Diversity: 3.81 Social Life: 3.72 Arts & Culture: 3.77

Why these reviewers think Spain is great:

"Spain offers a standard European academic experience with diverse academic standards across universities and a vibrant university atmosphere in numerous cities. Additionally, Spain is pretty affordable for students, and of course it has very favorable weather conditions!"

"Spain, and in particular Madrid is probably the top choice for European students on Erasmus due to its excellent universities, pleasant weather, vibrant party scene, and relatively affordable cost of living compared to other European cities."


14. Norway


Overall score: 3.82 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Norway:
Quality of Education: 4.18 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.37 Graduate Career Prospects: 3.85
Student Diversity: 3.78 Social Life: 3.89 Arts & Culture: 3.82

Why these reviewers think Norway is great:

"Norway invests money heavily into education and you see here there's a lot of helpful facilities for the students. As a result, students benefit from well-equipped campuses, extensive library resources, and modern labs."

"Norway is a cool place for students. However, it's important to know that living costs can be high, which might limit your options for fun. But don't worry! Universities offer plenty of clubs and activities to keep you entertained and help you meet new people, making your time here much more than just studying."


13. Finland


Overall score: 3.92 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Finland:
Quality of Education: 4.34 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.26 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.00
Student Diversity: 3.92 Social Life: 4.07 Arts & Culture: 3.95

Why these reviewers think Finland is great:

"The education system was really good, complemented by a vibrant social scene within Finnish universities, where student welfare is a top priority. I cherish fond memories of various gatherings, including the tradition of receiving Finnish overalls, and the festive atmosphere of Mursu day."

"Finland is a one of a kind place to study Artificial intelligence, because of its active startup scene, with really high-tech companies in the landscape. This active startup scene provides students with great opportunities."


12. Belgium


Overall score: 4.09 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Belgium:
Quality of Education: 4.33 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.46 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.12
Student Diversity: 4.25 Social Life: 4.29 Arts & Culture: 4.11

Why these reviewers think Belgium is great:

"Belgium is known for its excellent education system, especially in fields like engineering, business, and international relations where the education system excels. I've really enjoyed the diverse cultural atmosphere here, and the opportunity to pick up multiple languages while studying has been a big plus."

"I had a great experiance studying in Belgium. It's a really welcoming country for international students, offering a very supportive learning environment. Generally, tuition fees for international students are relatively affordable compared to other EU countries"


11. Portugal


Overall score: 4.11 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Portugal:
Quality of Education: 4.23 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.90 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.05
Student Diversity: 4.02 Social Life: 4.47 Arts & Culture: 3.99

Notable Achievement: Portugal ranks 2nd in Europe in 2024 for ‘Cost of Living as a Student’

Why these reviewers think Portugal is great:

"We have a strong education system with excellent institutions, and both Porto and Lisbon are good choices. Porto offers a more affordable cost of living, while Lisbon, despite being pricier, provides greater opportunities."

"Portugal welcomes three times as many Erasmus students as it sends abroad, indicating the country has a strong appeal to international students. If you don't speak Portuguese, then speaking English fluently will be sufficient, as most people in Portugal can easily engage in conversation in English."


10. Sweden


Overall score: 4.18 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Sweden:
Quality of Education: 4.48 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.34 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.49
Student Diversity: 4.23 Social Life: 4.35 Arts & Culture: 4.17

Why these reviewers think Sweden is great:

"In Sweden, it's quite common for students to collaborate with companies on projects for their bachelor's thesis. This collaboration not only provides valuable real-world experience but also serves as a potential gateway to securing employment opportunities, as students can obtain references and sometimes even job offers through these partnerships."

"Sweden is a great place to live so that adds to the experience for studying here. Moreover, the public transportation makes it easy to go anywhere in Sweden. I would recommend Sweden for international students."


9. Austria


Overall score: 4.22 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Austria:
Quality of Education: 4.46 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.75 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.51
Student Diversity: 4.20 Social Life: 4.21 Arts & Culture: 4.19

Why these reviewers think Austria is great:

"Austria provides an ideal setting for both local and international students to pursue their academic interests. Students in Austria gain valuable hands-on experience relevant to their fields."

"Austria's cities, such as Vienna and Innsbruck, not only offer excellent academic environments but also provide students with vibrant cultural scenes, outdoor recreational activities, and opportunities for personal growth and exploration."


8. Czechia


Overall score: 4.25 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Czechia:
Quality of Education: 4.43 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.91 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.09
Student Diversity: 4.33 Social Life: 4.52 Arts & Culture: 4.21

Notable Achievement: Czechia ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Cost of Living as a Student’

Why these reviewers think Czechia is great:

"I cannot recommend Czechia enough! Really, come here especially if you are interested in studying field of engineering. The schools are good, the people are great, the cities are beautiful, so is the country and its nature and history."

"The Czech Republic has been an incredible journey for me. There such a supportive community of fellow students and professors here that it has truly made it feel like a second home for me."


7. France


Overall score: 4.31 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for France:
Quality of Education: 4.61 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.22 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.46
Student Diversity: 4.47 Social Life: 4.49 Arts & Culture: 4.59

Notable Achievement: France ranks 3rd in Europe in 2024 for ‘Arts & Culture’

Why these reviewers think France is great:

"There are loads of opportunities for students to learn and network in France. And this is important because companies in France do consider the name of the school whenever applying for internships or jobs. My school provided a good mix of theory and real-world scenarios in my training"

"If you would ever want to come to study to France or Paris I would completely recommend it. The French are well known for their good hosting of international students. They are well prepared to receive the international students."


6. Netherlands


Overall score: 4.32 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for the Netherlands:
Quality of Education: 4.57 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.19 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.58
Student Diversity: 4.49 Social Life: 4.55 Arts & Culture: 4.51

Notable Achievement: The Netherlands ranks 3rd in Europe in 2024 for ‘Student Diversity’

Why these reviewers think the Netherlands is great:

"I know a lot of international students disregard the Netherlands because it isn't the UK, US, or Canada, but trust me, it's worth giving it a chance. I've had an amazing experience here and you will get a high quality education. I'd love to say in the Netherlands even after I graduate."

"At my university all the programs are in English which is why a lot of students from Europe and outside of Europe like the Netherlands. The teachers are really nice and available, but for sure studying in The Netherlands can be more demanding than other countries."


5. Denmark


Overall score: 4.34 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Denmark:
Quality of Education: 4.65 Cost of Living as a Student: 2.97 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.83
Student Diversity: 4.38 Social Life: 4.63 Arts & Culture: 4.58

Notable Achievement: Demark ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Graduate Career Prospects’

Why these reviewers think Denmark is great:

"Denmark is a nice place to live and to study. People are very helpful and mostly everyone is speaking English, so there are no language barriers. Denmark has numerous opportunities for personal growth and networking."

"Having spent several years studying in Denmark, I've found it to be great both academically and personally. Denmark's strong connections with the business industry have provided me with valuable internship opportunities and networking avenues, setting a solid foundation for my career prospects. "


4. Switzerland


Overall score: 4.37 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Switzerland:
Quality of Education: 4.74 Cost of Living as a Student: 2.98 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.68
Student Diversity: 4.85 Social Life: 4.56 Arts & Culture: 4.4

Notable Achievement: Switzerland ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Student Diversity’

Why these reviewers think Switzerland is great:

"Switzerland is a fantastic place for students seeking diversity in their educational experience. With a mix of students from various cultural backgrounds, studying here offers a unique opportunity to interact with people from all over the world."

"The quality of education here is top-notch. And all of my classmates would agree with that! Switzerland's stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for both study and relaxation. The natural beauty of Switzerland never fails to inspire."


3. Ireland


Overall score: 4.40 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Ireland:
Quality of Education: 4.51 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.33 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.79
Student Diversity: 4.32 Social Life: 4.63 Arts & Culture: 4.82

Notable Achievement: Ireland ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Arts & Culture’

Why these reviewers think Ireland is great:

"Even though I am not Irish I didn't feel like an outsider. Everyone is very welcoming and is always there for you if you struggle academically or if you just want to talk to somebody. The quality of education is exceptional, although the cost of living can be high. However, the investment is worthwhile given the promising graduate career prospects."

"Ireland has a very strong reputation globally as a place to study, and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of coming here for higher education. Irish people are super friendly and there are a lot of international students. The diverse mix of students adds to the vibrant social life! And culturally, there's so much to explore."


2. Germany


Overall score: 4.41 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for Germany:
Quality of Education: 4.67 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.19 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.79
Student Diversity: 4.35 Social Life: 4.77 Arts & Culture: 4.71

Notable Achievement: Germany ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Social Life’

Why these reviewers think Germany is great:

"One of the most appealing things about Germany is the low tuition fees, especially when compared to other study destinations. This affordability makes studying in Germany accessible to a broader range of students, regardless of their financial background. Alongside the affordable education, the quality of programs and research opportunities remains exceptionally high, providing excellent value for money."

"Studying in Germany, especially in Berlin, has been an incredible experience, largely thanks to the city's vibrant nightlife. Whether you're into techno or jazz, there's always something exciting happening here. Berlin's clubs and bars are famous worldwide, and for good reason - the atmosphere is electric, and you'll meet people from all walks of life. Germany is also a great destination if you seek a less academic and more practical education"


1. United Kingdom


Overall score: 4.51 out of 5

Breakdown of the rating scores from 1 to 5 for the United Kingdom:
Quality of Education: 4.79 Cost of Living as a Student: 3.54 Graduate Career Prospects: 4.83
Student Diversity: 4.80 Social Life: 4.59 Arts & Culture: 4.53

Notable Achievement: The United Kingdom ranks 1st overall as the best country in Europe for higher education in 2024

The United Kingdom also ranks 1st in Europe in 2024 for ‘Quality of Education’

Why these reviewers think the United Kingdom is great:

"Studying in the UK has been a fantastic journey. The universities in general offer top-notch facilities, supportive staff, and diverse student communities. Not only has moving to the UK broadened my academic horizons but it has also provided me with invaluable life experiences that I will cherish forever."

"Studying in the UK provides a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The cities may be old, but the infrastructure is top-notch, especially in London. Whether you need support for medical issues or seek academic variety, UK universities offer great assistance and a wide range of courses. The institutions themselves are renowned for quality education, and most that I visited have spacious campuses and excellent facilities."