15 Best Universities in Europe 2021

The Campus Advisor team has once again analyzed thousands of reviews by students of the universities they attend. Using the ratings collected across a range of categories including Academic Staff, Area of Study, Campus Facilities, Administrative Staff, Sports Facilities and Social Scene, we are pleased to announce the 15 best universities in Europe for 2021!

A huge congratulations to all the the universities in this list for providing your students with exceptional educational experiences!


15. University of Amsterdam


Overall score: 4.44 out of 5

Why these reviewers think University of Amsterdam is great:

"Modern, professional university where students really feel like they are being prepared for the field. However, Amsterdam is an expensive city to live in, so take this into account. Personally, I think it's worth it because the university is on a pretty high level, and it is very internationally oriented."

"A very great metropolitan university. The teachers are all incredibly kind and you feel at home. The campus is beautiful and has many bars and cafes where you can meet friends or do group work. Most of the rooms and equipment is new and always available."


14. KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Overall score: 4.45 out of 5

Why these reviewers think KTH Royal Institute of Technology is great:

"Overall, my experience with the university life is great. There is an excellent communication between students and staff, starting from administrative stuff and ending with courses material. Your integration in the community as an international student is also facilitated by the university, so you don’t have to worry about legal stuff going on with your arrival in Sweden."

"The campus is amazing, lots of greenery and parks. The Library building is one of a kind, great lighting, many books, quiet and clean. Food is great and with lots of options for vegetarians, vegans, etc. The areas of the campus and everywhere I went (accommodation rooms/study rooms/school departments) are sparkly clean and the staff working are always willing to help. My professors where amazing and extremely helpful and talented. It was a great experience studying at KTH Universitetet, I am more than happy to have been a part of it!"


13. University of Vienna


Overall score: 4.45 out of 5

Why these reviewers think the University of Vienna is great:

"I've had a very good experience at this school and in this program overall. My program is taught in English so it attracts students from all over the world, including myself. Although international students pay more in tuition than Europeans, the tuition is very reasonable compared to many countries with comparable higher education quality, especially the US."

"I started studying psychology 3 years ago and really enjoy it. I think the studying materials are really good and the academic stuff is really helpful in comparison to other universities where I studied. There is some choices of courses that you can take, and usually they are really interesting."


12. Kings College London


Overall score: 4.46 out of 5

Why these reviewers think King's College London is great:

"It was a great year as a postgraduate student. I have learnt a lot and developed many new skills. I particularly enjoyed that our group was composed of international students, so we could all exchange experiences and knowledge. I think it added a lot to the programme. The academic staff was always well prepared and held interesting lectures. They were also available for questions and advice anytime. If you are looking for a great environment to study, choose KCL, you won't regret it."

"Overall a great experience! Commuted in with great transport links and had plenty to do out and around after classes. The teaching staff were very invested and involved. There is so much out and about to do and some fantastic walks and restaurants"


11. London School of Economics and Political Science


Overall score: 4.48 out of 5

Why these reviewers think London School of Economics and Political Science is great:

"It was an amazing experience overall. The international students scene is unparalleled compared to other unis I have been to in the past. The expertise of the academic staff in the psychological and behavioural science department is excellent and is made of some of the most authoritative figures in the field. The administrative staff is also extremely efficient as they are able to solve any problem rather quickly."

"Good quality staff and interesting course material that covers a wide range of different subjects and disciplines. Lecturers are generally good and open to feedback on teaching style and content included, and are good at providing useful, constructive feedback. Suits people who are self-motivated to study outside the classroom, as it's expected mastery of the material is down to you. I am in a non-competitive department, so students get on well with each other and tend to help; other departments are a lot more competitive."


10. University of Southern Denmark


Overall score: 4.50 out of 5

Why these reviewers think University College Cork is great:

"I am very happy with the University and my education is way better than the previous one that I attended at another university. Good staff and good teachers that are leading you to the results taht you expect. You have good facilities at the campus and have access to a good social life."

"The main university campus and surrounding area has been through a lot of development, and is still improving. Services, facilities, accommodation and the social scene have increasingly been expanded and gotten better through the past 10 years. The academic staff are generally qualified, engaging, informal and accessible. There are going to be some you like better than others, which will probably also be true about your fellow students. The inner city is a small bike ride away (biking is quite big in Denmark), but you get used to it. There's a nice atmosphere in the city and quite a few events are happening regularly"


9. Technical University of Munich


Overall score: 4.51 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Technical University of Munich is great:

"My study program is fantastic, we are in small groups and attend seminars where we discuss and learn a lot about the material. The campus is nice, there is enough space for everyone to get in touch with each other and also to work efficiently. Since it is centrally located in Munich, one can make the most of city life and really enjoy it. I would highly recommend this university."

"One of the best places to study in Europe. The research facilities are top notch. The funding of TUM is one of the highest in Europe. Overall, the environment is great. Also, the curriculum is quite flexible and allows you to take a wide range of multi-disciplinary courses. The professors, research staff are very understanding and co-operative."


8. University College Cork


Overall score: 4.53 out of 5

Why these reviewers think University College Cork is great:

"UCC is a great college, had a ball but there during my time. Lots of satellite campuses so you might have to walk a fair distance between classes sometimes.  There isn't enough library space for when it gets busy, especially during exam periods. Most of the staff that I have encountered are so lovely. There are some less pleasant staff, but very few compared to other colleges that my friends have attended. Theres great social scenes, so many societies to join so if you find it hard to make friends in class you can do it there."

"A great safe University providing excellent teaching, support services and facilities. I've a special interest in hockey and the society is well funded and supported by the University. There is plenty of accommodation within walking distance available if you apply early. The restaurants and cafes on campus offer a wide range of food and are affordable."


7. Sorbonne University


Overall score: 4.54 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Sorbonne University is great:

"Sorbonne is a great university. I really enjoyed studying there and going to jardin du Luxembourg to have lunch. I also had a good experience with the courses which were very interesting. I could consider studying there again in the following years to do another degree. Also the location is great."

"Great university with good students! Sorbonne University is among the best universities in the world and i loved the international atmosphere there. You could fine students from all around the world, also very motivated and respectful. It was a great experience for me and probably the best years of my life."


6. Loughborough University


Overall score: 4.58 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Loughborough University is great:

"Going to this uni is probably one of the best decisions I could have made. As an international student the support I got really made me feel a part of the circle and combine that with the excellent professors it really is no surprise that the uni is doing so well"

"I have loved studying at Loughborough University. The facilities are second to none, especially the sports facilities. The teaching staff are amazing and just want you to succeed, they are so helpful, and nothing is ever too much bother. I loved living in halls, i always felt safe and made such amazing friends, who I can confidently and happily say will be my friends for life."


5. University of Copenhagen


Overall score: 4.59 out of 5

Why these reviewers think University of Copenhagen is great:

"Great university! The staff and students are very kind and welcoming, and the atmosphere is generally both academic and relaxed. The facilities are also top-notch, having been recently renovated. I highly recommend this university for all who are considering it."

"The university is well equipped, everything works and looks nice. The subjects are cool, and my Masters is definitely more reading and theory oriented than my bachelors in Germany. Copenhagen is a really nice place to study. The danish folks are super friendly and open, as they're super fluent in the English language. Copenhagen is super modern, but still conserving much of the traditional culture that makes up the history of Denmark."


4. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


Overall score: 4.61 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is great:

"I can recommend this university! The university is not only centrally located in beautiful Munich, but also offers excellent study conditions with beautiful and well-equipped lecture halls and modern libraries. In addition, this university has an excellent reputation, nationally and internationally."

"Overall I think the Ludwig-Maximilian University is a good place to do studies. The campus is massive. Going there is for sure impressive although some courses may be in different places which can get confusing at the beginning. In my case, there were a lot of students which can give you a feeling of being lost and within the first days you have to find your right track."


3. ETH Zurich


Overall score: 4.66 out of 5

Why these reviewers think ETH Zurich is great:

"In my opinion, ETH is one of the best places to study. The cosmopolitan surrounding enables you to get an insight as to how diffrent parts of the world handle studying. Most of the professors are great and are happy to share their knowledge. There are a lot of clubs you can participated in, aswell as a free to use gym for students."

"Great high quality University with a high reputation. Easy to commute by public transport, beautiful classical buildings, great academic standard. Big food selection across the different areas of campus, for all dietary needs. I would really recommend this school, but studying in CH comes with a price tag..it isn't cheap."


2. University of Cambridge


Overall score: 4.71 out of 5

Why these reviewers think the University of Cambridge is great:

"More so than the teaching staff, it is your fellow students that make the university the place it is. Life is generally very nice. Lots of support from the university means it is cheaper than you would think. Also accommodation is guaranteed by your college for every year of your degree. The University is also extremely sporty, everyone is very active, at least until later years when the course load means they have to concentrate on their studies."

"Fantastic experience at a unique world class institution. The workload is intense but you learn to manage it effectively with time, and there is a fantastic support network of both well-trained staff and kind and caring students to support you through the tough times. The wealth of opportunity available is second to none."


1. University of Oxford


Overall score: 4.75 out of 5

Why these reviewers think the University of Oxford is great:

"So, obviously a good uni, and a great educational experience (if intense). The funding for living costs, as a first-gen working class student etc, was great. There are also a lot of other opportunities here if you look for them in terms of career progression and extracurricular activities. It's very international and lots of opportunities to meet great people."

"A variety of courses to study, extra curricular activities including sports and social clubs. Several libraries, with good collection of resources. There are also several colleges to choose from. Some colleges have different demographics in terms of under grad and grad students. Additionally, different colleges have different support for part time vs full time students. It's important for one to pick the right college to get most of the Oxford experience."