5 Best Universities in Ireland 2021

As it's St. Patrick's Day we decided to take a look and see what are 5 highest rated Irish Universities on thecampusadvisor.com! Universities were rated across a range of categories including Academic Staff, Area of Study, Campus Facilities, Administrative Staff, Sports Facilities and Social Scene

Here we go...


5. Dublin City University


Overall score: 4.19 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Dublin City University:

"Social scene is great, the lectures are incredible and try their best to help the students. The U is an amazing place to communicate and they have a maths learning centre to help improve maths skills. Definitely recommended! Put in on your CAO!"

"There's a great sense of community around the college, through the Clubs and Societies, to the local college bar (the best in the country if you ask me) and even within the academic staff. "


4. Trinity College Dublin


Overall score: 4.22 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Trinity College Dublin:

"The academic staffs are very informative and proactive. Besides, this university has a lot of international students, so you may broaden your connection here. They also offer various workshops and career fair in the campus. There are plenty of restaurants, café and even a bar inside the campus. In addition, the school also provide free health centre services."

"Trinity is a gorgeous historic campus right in the city center of Dublin. The college has great staff who are at the forefront of their fields, amazing support services and a top quality social scene. I had such an amazing time here!"


3. National University of Ireland Galway


Overall score: 4.30 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the National University of Ireland Galway:

"NUIG is a great place to study at. All areas of the school are very clean and the school offers excellent facilities for fair prices. Most professors are absolutely perfect and very friendly. The only issue is the cafeteria which is always packed, and if your break coincides with breaks of many other students, there is a small chance to get a seat."

"Great college. And one of the better ones in Ireland for studying IT (or computer science as its known now). Campus facilities are being upgraded on a continuing basis for the past 10 years or so. Also the college bar is a great venue on campus for socialising!"


2. University College Dublin


Overall score: 4.32 out of 5

What some reviewers said about University College Dublin:

"A great university with excellent campus facilities and many sports teams and socities to join. The community includes a wide range of international students. There are numerous activities on campus including a cinema, an olympic sized swimming pool, an excellent gym and many sports pitches to cater for all interests. There is also an on campus bar and restaurant which is a great social space."

"UCD is an excellent college. Beautiful campus with modern buildings and resources. Most of the lecturers are excellent and the ones who are not are still brilliant researchers who thoroughly understand their field of study. The area where the campus is based is quite expensive so affordability is an issue for potential students. Parking can be an issue for those who commute as the official college policy is to reduce the amount of cars driven to the campus. Overall though the pros outweigh the cons and I would recommend UCD."


1. University College Cork


Overall score: 4.53 out of 5

What some reviewers said about University College Cork:

"I did a 3 year undergraduate course at UCC which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lecturers are knowledgable and engaging, classes were a reasonable size and there was a great support system. There is a wide range of societies to choose from and there are great sports facilities (at no extra cost). The campus itself is really beautiful, with a church and an art gallery. In terms of resources there was a large cafeteria that is reasonably priced, a number of cafes and 2 pubs but the library was often overcrowded during exam period. Overall, I would recommend UCC as a place to study."

"A great safe University providing excellent teaching, support services and facilities. I've a special interest in hockey and the society is well funded and supported by the University. There is plenty of accommodation within walking distance available if you apply early. The restaurants and cafes on campus offer a wide range of food and are affordable."