5 Best Universities in the Netherlands 2021

The Campus Advisor is a unique platform that allows students to rate and review the university they attend. Considering a range of factors including Academic Staff, Area of Study, Campus Facilities, Administrative Staff, Sports Facilities and Social Scene, we are pleased to announce the 5 best universities in the Netherlands for 2021 based on those ratings and reviews submitted to The Campus Advisor.


5. Eindhoven University of Technology


Overall score: 4.35 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Eindhoven University of Technology:

"Personally really fond of my uni. It has a great and wide variety of events and business opportunities during the academic years. I would highly recommend to join one of the sports teams in Eindhoven if you come study here! I joined theta, which is the student rowing association of Eindhoven. It’s a great place to start and get connected to other students as well!"

"The TU/e is a very good university, with a lot of variety of studies. The campus has a lot of places to study for yourself, but also has places to work together on projects. The campus also got a lot of choices when it comes to getting food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Furthermore a lot of extracurricular activities are available, we got a great sport center and a lot of places to hang out with friends."


4. Delft University of Technology


Overall score: 4.36 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Delft University of Technology:

"Nice university with strong focus on engineering. Level and workload is high but the academic staff are really good and helpful most of the time, so you learn a lot. As Delft is a small town and not so much is going on, there are a lot of student associations that are very active. Both The Hague and Rotterdam are very close (15 min train) if you want to be in a bigger city or go to the beach."

"The University campus boasts a lot of culture besides the obvious learning objectives. The Sports and Culture buildings host a myriad of courses that can be followed outside the normal university routines. This means the campus will never feel empty and even during the evenings there will be lots of activity."


3. Wageningen University & Research


Overall score: 4.39 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Wageningen University & Research:

"I am happy to have went here. The university is great, with excellent educational options. My study was ranked the best in the world at Wageningen University, I am very happy about that. The student life is good as well, there are plenty of parties to go to and there are a lot of clubs and sororities you can join if you want to."

"It is a very nice University in a rather small town, if you are not used to this it will maybe take some time to adapt. However, the campus environment is sustainable, cosy and has a very nice vibe. There is a lot of diversity amongst the students, it is quite international which gives you a nice opportunity to get to learn new cultures. The academic staff is very good reachable and always ready to help. The study subjects are of good quality, the content is up-to-date and relevant to the area of study. There are several options for sports, clubs and student societies, which regularly organize events to encourage the social contacts of students."


2. Erasmus University Rotterdam


Overall score: 4.41 out of 5

What some reviewers said about Erasmus University Rotterdam:

"It's one of the top rated universities in Europe in the field of business administration and other economics courses. This shows. The courses are well designed and most of the professors know a lot about the subject they're teaching. Most often they aren't full time professors but rather people working in the area of work where many students will eventually find a job. This gives lots of courses extra depth. The campus is a mix of modern and older buildings with lots of amenities very close by or even in the middle of the campus. There's a food court with plenty options for healthy food and fast food available. There's also a student run bar with cheap beer where you can go after studying or exams."

"Wonderful university! Great education and high quality staff. Cheap compared to other universities. Great offering of programs as well! If you are joining you will not regret it as you will have access to an international community full of brilliant and lively people! Also the staff are very educated and have a great ability to transmit knowledge!"


1. University of Amsterdam


Overall score: 4.44 out of 5

What some reviewers said about the University of Amsterdam:

"Really professional, well-organised University. The roeterseiland campus is highly international, safe, and clean. It is not a very personal University due to the large number of students, but you can always get the support you need. The food is great and healthy, but rather expensive. All the facilities are very new and clean, including the study spots. The study spots are often too busy though. Overall really great!"

"I loved every minute of it, and even during COVID they adapted really well. Coming from Germany, I did not have a lot of trouble adapting to the Dutch way of life and navigating around. I especially loved the open, tolerant and multi-cultural atmosphere in my study programme and it helped me learn a lot. My study programme is also really fun, and as I perceive it, it is actually way easier than I thought it would be. Overall, student life at UvA made me proud and helped me grow as a human being."