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Griffith UniversityGreat university with alot of freedom and support. University has plenty of negatives, but then what place of education doesn’t?nnThere is some academia corruption, however most of it goes unnoticed by undergraduate students so you wouldn’t even know it happens.nnSome lecturers are simply difficult to work with / study under, in terms of marking fairness / overly-rigorous courses.nnSome courses (some people call the degree a course, which is inappropriate vocabulary because it leads to confusion) are utterly useless and some are written to a standard below that which you would expect.nnThe university also likes to pretend that the students all know each other and everyone is friends, when the reality is if you don’t have / make (requires effort) any friends, you will only be attending classes / studying alone, period. The majority of students walk this path, and its fine.nnNow lets talk about why I give it a 5 star, but first let me enforce your trust in my words by saying I completed a hard degree (yes, relatively easy degrees do exist) at Griffith University.nn1. The facilities may not seem like it at first, but they are world-class. The only better ones you may find would be in the top 0.1% universities, and considering Griffith is top 2%, that is a really positive statement. And that is why I said ‘may not seem like it at first’, because if you expect shiny laboratories / computer laboratories everywhere with top-of-the-range hardware for undergraduate use, you are dreaming. Compared to QUT, Griffith has visibly better facilities for undergraduate purposes. 23-9-20 08:53 AM