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Monash UniversityIs getting very disturbing over the past year that Monash is cutting hours on Tas and letting off good Tutors because of their poor pays for them and restricted hours imposed. I attended Swinburne and finds their unfair workplace on tutors is impacting student like us have quality educations needs experience tutors. The "fixed" staff is so overwhelmed with their existing responsibilities is not helping the required hours to get coursebworks done accurately and professionally. With their recent transformation program with more assignemt and no exams is obviously degrading the level of quality of recognition by companies. I m transferring my credit elsewhere. They slowly going down and under. I seen student contract cheating and got away graduating. Is soo disturbing. I truly missed my old tutors that left and new CE that are arrogance and approved so much extension that marks released is ridiculously slow, was told central is partlyvthe culprit for weeks of extensions. You can get away giving excuses of sickness and covid19 and easily get extensiosn for assignment submission. As for student like me submitting on time have to wait for weeks to get my marks back.n Poor tutors have to slaves themselves to teach us while marking assignment under pressure time which , I have been observing them quietly, and yet they maintain professionally and encouragement. I reallised they are getting paid poorly and that isbwhy somebmany good tutorsbandbsessional staff is depressed and planning to leaves, I am a many years free lance programmer and I can see an unfair workplaces is brewing and happening in this campus. I really hope the Deans opens up their eyes and common sense what type of long term negative impacts they are creating to both their reputation, ranking and the certificates they giving out to us, companies will laugh at us ifbthey found out it will worth nothing by thebtine i apply for a proper managment. Waste of monies studying here if this nonsense continues. 01-11-22 11:14 AM
Average postgrad student need quality teaching