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Nova Scotia Community CollegeAs a mature student and industry professional my advice is to absolutely avoid the Civil Technology Department at NSCC. Pick a different province/college, you'll thank yourself later. Faculty management is shockingly terrible and constantly lie. Yes, they lie. Do not trust anything they say. Faculty management is always behind and they always have excuses when they have to meet deadlines, which they preach and promise themselves early on. Forget transfer credits as these guys are completely disorganized. Most of the courses completed here probably won't transfer anywhere else. Most of good instructors left this department. Instructor assistants are great and helpful all of the time, but they are assistants and have limited responsibilities. The program is crams material down students' throats who are always unreasonably overloaded with work. They preach flexibility and student success, however, in reality the amount of graduates is low not because the students can't complete the program, but because the program was designed to be predatory and relies on students failing so that they'll have to come back an extra year to complete it. Extra year means extra income to keep this failed department alive. Program can be simplified and made more efficient and student friendly, however, don't expect this to happen anytime soon. The general administration and admission staff is hit and miss. Only good thing here is the campus cafeteria. Certain student facilities are good and usable, rest are small and old. Parking passes are a scam. Save yourself problems and avoid this program/department at NSCC. 11-5-22 12:20 PM